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AL DMC2023
Session 1 – Warren Haynes

AL DMC 2023
Session 2 – Andy Frazier

AL DMC 2023
Session 3 – Scott Kindig

21 Feb: 160: Episode 160 – Mark & Andy on Leading Church Staff Meetings

Hello again, CLP Family! Mark and Andy are excited to share with you a few helpful tips and tricks on…

11 Dec: 155: Episode 159 – Andy & Mark, The Return

Welcome back! We are so glad to be recording episodes again. Yes, we have been “on a break,” but we…

28 Jun: 587: S10 Ep. 49 – Helping Women Step Into Scripture Part 1 (feat. Tina Wilson)

A common mistake that women make as we read Scripture is to see the story through a “me-centered lens.” It’s human nature to be self-centered. But when we read the Bible through a “God-centered” lens, our whole perspective changes. A key to shifting …