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AL DMC2023
Session 1 – Warren Haynes

AL DMC 2023
Session 2 – Andy Frazier

AL DMC 2023
Session 3 – Scott Kindig

28 Jun: 587: S10 Ep. 49 – Helping Women Step Into Scripture Part 1 (feat. Tina Wilson)

A common mistake that women make as we read Scripture is to see the story through a “me-centered lens.” It’s human nature to be self-centered. But when we read the Bible through a “God-centered” lens, our whole perspective changes. A key to shifting …

26 Jun: 586: S10 Ep. 48 – Our Rights: Building Lives That Relinquish Rights (feat. Dave Buehring)

We love our rights. We love to proclaim them whenever we feel someone has infringed on them. But God calls us to servanthood and that means surrendering a lot of things to which we think we have a right. Are you willing to lay down your rights to be …

21 Jun: 585: S10 Ep. 47 – Our Children: Building Children into Mature Disciples (feat. Dave Buehring and Lauri Jarvis)

We know we’re supposed to disciple our children, but it feels overwhelming. Even though there are countless devotionals, Bible studies and books for teaching children about Jesus, where do we start? Gain a fresh perspective on how you can make a disc…