12: Episode 12 – Mark Hobafcovich

In this week’s episode, Andy and Mark have a great conversation Mark Hobafcovich, who works in Church Relations for NAMB. We encourage you to also watch his incredible story here. You can also check out his book, Defector, which tells his story as well.


  • “Well, I used to say ‘I found the Lord,’ but then I realized He wasn’t lost. I was. So He found me in 1981 in Melbourne, Australia. I was a refugee freshly who escaped Romania.”
  • “Pastors need to be pastored. They need to be loved and encouraged.”
  • “God is always at work, if we see Him or not.”
  • “Experience is good, it’s just not good enough.”
  • “Jesus’ model is good because it is a lasting model. All the others fades in and out… but Jesus’ model never fades out.”
  • “There is a reason why the Great Commission were His last words to His disciples.”
  • “Even with doubters, God can change the world.”
  • ”The way we define success determines what we run after.”
Mark also mentioned the book, Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert Coleman.