22: Episode 22 – Dr. Robert Coleman

This is the first of several episodes featuring a conversation with Dr. Robert Coleman, the author of “The Master Plan of Evangelism.” Recently, Mark and Andy had the opportunity of a lifetime to visit with Dr. Coleman in his home. The format for this podcast is different from recent ones, due to the length and style. Since we didn’t want you to miss out on the passionate stories of someone who has pioneered the way for the modern disciple-making movement, we just let Dr. Coleman talk about his life, experiences, heaven, and his love for Christ. Don’t miss the fact that he is still actively and intentionally discipling people! We pray you will enjoy this podcast as much as we did when we recorded it. 

You can grab your copy of The Master Plan of Evangelism here – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HTK1GN4/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_sE4iDb2DWZN2P


  • “There’s no difference here in home missions and foreign missions.”
  • “That’s not the end of your training, and sometimes it may be the end of your learning, if you think like you know it all.”
  • “It comes down basically to just ‘Come with Me, follow Me, and let Me make you My disciple.’”

    “It comes down basically to just ‘Come with Me, follow Me, and let Me make you My disciple.’” –Dr. Robert Coleman on the Church Leadership Podcast at http://churchleadershippodcast.com/podcast/episode-22-dr-robert-coleman/
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  • “I want those listening to this to realize, we are just in the early stages of our education.”
  • “You can follow a person, realizing you are not at the end of the trail, but you are learning on the way to the end.”
Look for more of this conversation with Dr. Robert Coleman coming in future episodes of the Church Leadership Podcast.