5: Episode 5 – Larry Hyche

In this episode, Andy and Mark sit down with the one and only Larry Hyche! You can tell they had fun talking with Larry and we hope you enjoy this episode as much as they did. During the discussion, the three of them discuss disciple-making and what that really looks like. Here are some links and notes of interest from the episode.

Men’s Spiritual Development of ALSBOM – http://AlabamaMen.org 

“I just began asking, ‘Alright, Jesus, where am I missing the mark?’…There were two things I learned: First, everything is not for you. Everything we should do, we should bring glory to God. Second, what’s the purpose of ministry? It is to make disciples.”

Larry mentioned the book, Demolishing Strongholds, by Johnny Hunt

“The next person that becomes a Christian, would you mind if I discipled them? … The next guy that got saved was three years younger than me, and he literally got kicked out of the state of Virginia because he tried to kill a man by burying him alive.”

“You define…you clarify what a disciple is, and how are you as a leader going to equip your people to become THAT?”

During the discussion, the book Rediscovering Discipleship by Robby Gallaty was also mentioned.