53: Episode 53 – Sam Rainer on Church Revitalization, Leading in the Established Church, Bivocational Ministry, Loving the Church, & More

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On this week’s episode of The Church Leadership Podcast, Mark and Andy get to spend some time talking with Sam Rainer. Sam serves as Lead Pastor of  West Bradenton Baptist Church, and co-hosts the Est. Church podcast. He is the president of Church Answers, the co-founder and co-owner of Rainer Publishing, and the president of Revitalize Network.

Find out more about Sam here –  https://samrainer.com
Follow Sam on Twitter here – @samrainer


“I have a firm belief, that if God can save any person, He can save any church.”


“I also want to be an evangelist for the good of the established church.”


“There’s a lot of value in digging into some of these churches, just for your own soul, too. I’m glad I did. My first church had six people and no air conditioning.”


“Here’s the thing, don’t love the church you wish you had. Don’t love the church of the future. Love the church you have now.”


“If you are wanting to be a pastor… I can point to five hundred churches, of you know, a hundred (members), that need a pastor. Now, you might have to be bivocational, and I actually believe that’s more the future than the past, and certainly, the present. Because, the vast majority of pastors are bivocational.”


“In the last ten years… the number of megachurches has remained the same. The lifespan of being among the largest churches is about twenty years.”


“Who is God gonna use?… If there is going to be a revival. If there is going to be this sweeping movement of God… It’s gonna be the established church!”


“The key here is, you are not an island. Don’t put yourself on an island… You have to be extraordinarily intentional to be connected to other pastors in your community.”


“Don’t be afraid of making friends in the church.”


“Your church address is not an accident. Your home address is not an accident. God has sovereignly placed you there.”