57: Episode 57 – Sean DeMars on the Dangers & Spread of the Prosperity Gospel

On this week’s episode, Mark and Andy get to spend some time with their new friend, Sean DeMars. Sean serves as the Pastor of Sixth Avenue Church of God in Decatur, Alabama. Sean has a powerful testimony of being delivered from drugs and gang banging, to believing in a fake gospel that almost killed him, to serving on the mission field in Peru, to becoming the pastor loving a church through revitalization. We know you will laugh with us, be encouraged, be challenged,  and be drawn into his story.

Find more about about Sean and Sixth Avenue Church of God, here: https://6thavechurch.org/leadership/

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“Before I introduce myself, can I just say that you guys sound more legit than I expected.”


“(I) spent most of my teenage years incarcerated or institutionalized, in one form or another. At eighteen years old, I was facing twenty years in prison, and the Lord saved me.”


“…and then, because God has a sense of humor, and you can’t be Baptist without having some kind of crazy, Jonah-esque story, I was brought back to Alabama to pastor a church revitalization.”


“So, when I first got saved, I was a drug-dealing gangbanger.”


“You know, I go back to the neighborhood where I used to sell drugs, and I’m evangelizing people. And, I get introduced to the prosperity gospel…”


“…if that means I need to rebuke my ATM receipt, when it says I’m $40 overdrawn, I’ll rebuke that ATM receipt. If it means I don’t go to the doctor, even if I’m about to die in my bathtub, because that means I don’t have enough faith, then I’m not gonna go to the doctor.”


“I don’t want to overstate my case here, but I think it’s safe to say that the prosperity gospel is one of, one of, the most dangerous false gospels in the West today.”


“I think it would be pastoral malpractice to not be aware of this danger.”


“How can you take your family down to the jungle? Don’t you know what might happen?”


“The prosperity gospel is like the Voltron of heresies.”

“The prosperity gospel is like the Voltron of heresies.” –Sean Demars on Episode 57 of the Church Leadership Podcast
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