68: Episode 68 – Alan Briggs on Adaptive Leadership, Discernment, and Addressing Racial Division

On this week’s episode Mark and Andy had the chance to have another awesome conversation with their friend Alan Briggs from Colorado. Alan is the Founder of Stay Forth Designs, and also is an author, speaker, and consultant. In our talk with Alan, you will hear his heart for helping pastors and leaders. You will also pick up on Alan’s wise and gracious approach to dealing with the craziness of a pandemic and current racial tensions. This is a great episode full of practical insight and honest observations. We love this guy and how God is using him, and we know you will too!

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You can listen to Alan’s Right Side Up Leadership Podcast here

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Snippets From the Conversation

“So, there’s been less forward movement during this time, and more processing what have you been through the last six weeks.”

“By the way, we are trying to build this plane as we fly it.”

“Leadership coaching, ministry coaching… has never been more fruitful than it is right now.”

“So what I didn’t know is God was writing a story that I would be able to identify with almost any kind of Kingdom leader.”

“Maybe your heart right now isn’t getting cut out with a knife, but maybe a dull spoon of disappointment…”

“Unfortunately, I’m concerned that during this time leaders are having to adapt, especially pastors, to things that we are not trained for, that we are not designed for, (in our minds) that we are not prepped for…”

“If you can name it, you can tame it.”

“This is the age of discernment. Those who have it, will thrive; Those who don’t, will destroy themselves.”

“This is the age of discernment. Those who have it, will thrive; Those who don’t, will destroy themselves.” — Alan Briggs on Episode 68 of the Church Leadership Podcast @podcastchurch
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“By the way, it’s not a new normal. It’s a new different.”

Alan mentioned these three ways we can lead our people well right now. “People are going to look at our posture… I think this is a moment for prayer…  The priority to be faithful to the things God has called you to.”