#7 The State of Disciplemaking in the Church

This week, we have a special guest. Tim LaFleur joins Chris and Robby to discuss the state of disciple making in the local church. Tim serves at Long Hollow as the Equipping Pastor.

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4:50: The State of Discipleship in the local church in the mid 2000s
6:50 Discipleship isn’t a hindrance to evangelism
7:45: Health churches must have Discipleship AND Evangelism
9:00: Why do we say “disciplemaking?”
10:00 Disciplemaking is an obedience issue
11:00 What’s changed today?
13:00 Pastors now understand that disciplemaking must be taken seriously
16:15: What did you screw up with early on with disciplemaking?

Tony “T-Bone” Merida
Tim LaFleur
Robby Gallaty
Chris Swain
Replicate Ministries