#71: The Good And Bad Of Mass Evangelism

In this episode of the Making Disciples Podcast, Robby and Chris talk about the mass evangelism events, and their role in the growth of God’s Kingdom.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • How to define “mass evangelism”.
  • How mass evangelism can be a great benefit to the church if done correctly.
  • Why the church “invitation” is a modern invention.

Shareable Quotes (#MakingDisciplesPodcast):

  • “Jesus said believe and go and sin no more.” – @rgallaty
  • “We’ve created a generation where salvation is essential, but following Jesus is optional.” – @rgallaty
  • “With mass evangelism, we have said, without saying. that the end goal of the Christian life is to simply get a lost person to repeat a prayer.” – @rgallaty

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