78: Episode 78 – Tyler Eiland on Ministry Transitions, Leading in a COVID World, & Serving as a Missionary

On this week’s episode of the Church Leadership Podcast, Mark and Andy get to spend some time talking with Tyler Eiland. Tyler is a former pastor and missionary who now serves as the Associational Mission Strategist for the Chilton Baptist Association. You will definitely enjoy our conversation with Tyler, as we discuss life, ministry to pastors, transitioning from serving on the foreign mission field, and dealing with our current pandemic culture. Tyler’s diverse background enables him to be relatable to so many people, but as you listen, you will immediately notice his heart is to equip pastors and be their advocate is what helps him be effective in his role in ministry. 

Snippets from our Conversation

“Looking backwards over my life, it’s cool to see how God has used all those experiences to prepare me for this role.”

“Kind of being more an outside observer to what’s going on in the churches just increased my burden and desire to encourage pastors, and to pray for them, and be an advocate for them with their church members.”

“So, we kind of had a yard sale in Africa and got rid of a lot of stuff… And we did intend to crate some stuff back, but I have no idea to this day where a lot of that stuff went. Yeah, it’s probably in some Congolese government official’s house, I would imagine.”

“In that transitional moment, (I think it would apply to all my transitional moments) God really impressed upon me my identity does not change based on my geography or my pay stub. But my identity is secure in Him. And so, even though I was no longer a missionary serving overseas, I still am a missionary serving in my own neighborhood and wherever I go on a day-to-day basis.”

“So, it’s just focusing on faithfulness to the Lord to do the next thing in front of you that He’s got for you.”

“The one metric for success really, is disciple making. Are we faithfully reproducing disciples? And, we can still do that, right?” –Tyler Eiland on Episode 78 of the Church Leadership Podcast
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“I think the church, at its best, is always innovating and adapting: Not changing our message, but always evaluating our methods…”

“I think sometimes, especially as Christian leaders, one of the constant threats to us is self-assuredness, or self-confidence… and we can lose our trust and our desperation for Jesus, in the midst of that.”