9: Episode 9 – Craig Webb

In this episode, Mark and Andy sit down with Craig Webb, with the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention. We caught up with Craig recently in North Carolina at a pastor’s retreat and conference. The Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention is a network of 155 baptist churches in the Hawaiian Islands and South Pacific. Craig’s focus is on leadership development, theological training, pastor development, church revitalization, and communications in the local churches that make up this convention. 

Links of Note & Interest from this Episode

PassionTree, a ministry to connect pastors and leaders was mentioned and was the host of the Pastor’s Retreat at which this interview was recorded.
The book, No Silver Bullets by Daniel Im, was mentioned during our conversation.


  • “One of the things I am most excited about is helping pastors to work together.”
  • “I think the first thing I would tell pastors is not to limit themselves in terms of how God can use them.”
  • “We don’t get to hang out with many people from the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention very often, and so, I just want to ask how can we pray for you? I’d love for you to pray for some of our smaller struggling churches. Right now, we have some churches without pastors. My dad, who is eighty-one, is helping a smaller church. He is a transitional pastor on the big island right now.”