90: Episode 90 – Andy and Mark on Culture’s New Headquarters & Digital Ministry

On this week’s episode of the podcast, Mark and Andy discuss something that affects everyone leading in the local church during COVID-19. If you are like us, we had high hopes and great expectations that stay at home orders would end, masks would no longer be necessary, and we could get back to our normal lives, especially gathering with our church families. We believe we aren’t at the end of dealing with COVID, but we are in the middle (and things will probably not return to the way they were before). If we still have a ways to go before things get better, we must adjust our efforts to engage those who can’t or may not want to return to church campuses like they did in the past. The home has now become the headquarters of society. How is your church doing with digital ministry and equipping people in their homes? We discuss some ways to use the “gift” of a pandemic by utilizing technology to better engage our people in the culture’s headquarters.  

Snippets from our conversation

Mark – “It’s not post-COVID, we are still in the middle of it. In fact, I don’t know about you, but in our neck of the woods, cases have spiked and increased to the peak. And so, this is something that’s not going away any time soon.”

Andy – “Here’s the reality, most of us are not going to get back to where we were prior to COVID…. We are kind of in this for the long haul.”

Mark – “Think about everything that takes place now in home, which is now the headquarters.”

Mark – “Online is not the same as on-campus. Online is not the same as in-person… It would be foolish to ignore the opportunity, that I believe God has served us up on a platter.”

Andy – “There’s people church-hopping every single Sunday right now, and they are checking your services out.”

Andy – “You’ve got to be careful how technology represents your church.”

Mark – “You need to pivot. You need to shift budget, resources, time, and staff in that direction.”