93: Episode 93 – Kevin Bowman on Burnout, Leading from the Second Chair, and Disciple-Making Relationships That Heal

This week on the podcast, Mark and Andy are joined by their great friend, Kevin Bowman. Kevin serves as Associate Pastor of Grace Baptist Church  with Andy in Sumiton, AL. As you listen to Kevin, you will enjoy his story of coming to faith in Jesus, pastoring in the local church, learning to making disciples, adjusting to second chair leadership, and his love for the outdoors. It’s always fun and encouraging when Kevin is around, and we know you will feel the same as you hear from our “Key Grip No. 1.”

If you want to laugh with Kevin (and at Kevin), you can check out the “famous” video here.

Quotes from our conversation with Kevin:

“I remember going to church and feeling like that was for somebody else.”

“We are not going to get out of church. We’re going to use this, and God is going to show us some things.”

“He called me back to his office and just started talking about discipleship, and my antenna went off on that… and it was almost immediately when that conversation happened, God kind of put a highlighter on that and said, ‘This is what you need to pay attention to.’”

“I explain it like this, it’s almost made ministry new.”

“That’s been huge to me, just the whole knowing that I’m not by myself, but I don’t have to be by myself.”

“You don’t have to have all of the answers… because, sometimes when you are in that role of lead pastor, sometimes you feel like you have to have an answer to all of the questions… You are not helping anybody by pretending that you do.”

“I would rather go with somebody that has never been in the woods, or hadn’t been in the woods a lot, and allow them to enjoy it and maybe teach them something along the way; but also, introduce them to the gospel, the goodness of God, and also discipleship.”

“Well, to be fair, when people see it, they usually say, ‘The bad thing about it is, I watched it over and over and over.’ And I have to say, ‘I’m guilty of doing the same thing.’ And I always end up with, ‘How did I survive that?’”