107: Episode 107 – David Eldridge on Shepherding the Flock

This week on The Church Leadership Podcast, Mark and Andy are joined by Dr. David Eldridge, Senior Pastor of Dawson Memorial Baptist Church in Homewood, Alabama. You will hear about an interesting partnership and sponsorship of a Hispanic Mission church by Dawson. As you listen, you will be encouraged by David’s heart for missions, prayer, shepherding the flock (even through a pandemic), and the importance of timely, biblical preaching.

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Snippets from this week’s conversation…

“We, as a church, want to promote the richness and the breadth of the Body of Christ.”

“It’s been exhilarating and exhausting, simultaneously. It’s been challenging and confounding…”

“I think I realized pretty early on, was that consensus was going to be impossible.”

“It is just this perfect storm of alienation and polarization. And again, as a shepherd of God’s people, you’re saying, ‘Hey, do I speak to this? Do I speak to that?’”

“This is a permission slip to reset some of the things in the life of the church.”

“We want to preach timely sermons and not timeless sermons… All of my sermons should have a week expiration date on them.”

“We forget at times that the people we shepherd are the people who need a shepherd.”

“We cannot shepherd the flock, no matter how small, no matter how large; we cannot shepherd the flock from a distance. We have to be with the sheep.”