113: Episode 113 – William Vanderbloemen on Leadership Transition & Staff Search

This week on the podcast, William Vanderbloemen joins Mark and Andy for a discussion about pastor searches and succession planning. William serves as the CEO and Founder of the Vanderbloemen Search Group and lives in Houston, Texas. The Vanderbloemen Search Group has helped thousands of churches hire the right leaders, build healthy cultures, and plan for the future. These are challenging times, and even during a pandemic there is a great need for wise counsel in helping churches transition in leadership (for all size churches). In this episode, you will hear the wisdom, experience, and biblical truth that will encourage and equip your church in preparing for the future.

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To find out more about the Vanderbloemen Search Group, check out their website full of helpful articles, great resources mentioned in this episode, and ways they can help churches here.

Quotes from this week’s conversation…

“On paper, the system for finding and hiring pastors is very good… but it didn’t work.”

“Why in the world does the business world have a better solution than the Bride? There’s no more important company in the world than the Church.”

“I have a favorite quote from Ted Turner. He said, ‘If I had a little more humility, I’d be perfect.’”

“I’d say that you’re the backbone of hope in America… Communities are built on the normal size church.”

“You know what, I’ve been at this thirteen years, two thousand searches. Let me just tell you something. If you’ve seen one church, you’ve seen about one church.”

“It’s your hill to climb, but we are like the little sherpas that’s been up and down the thing a bunch. And we can kind of show you where to step or not.”

“There’s only three ways your pastor’s time ends at the church… You run your church into the ground, and you close it… You happen to be the pastor the day Jesus returns… The only other option is, somebody is coming after you.”

“In succession, the person with the most time wins.”

“The more I focus on the what’s next, and anticipating and looking forward to the thing that’s next, the less I actually sit down and enjoy what I have right now.”