131: Episode 131 – Bobby Harrington on Disciple Making & Leading Discipleship.org

You are in for a treat on this week’s episode (Pun intended, due to it being the week of Halloween)! Mark and Andy get the privilege of talking with Bobby Harrington to discuss his journey in life and ministry, as well as disciple making. Bobby is the self-proclaimed “Chief Shenanigans Officer” at discipleship.orgrenew.org , and Harpeth Christian Church. He is a pastor, organizational leader, conference facilitator, ministry coach, author, and passionate disciple maker. We love the conversation about relational disciple making in our culture, and we hope you will love it also. Listen and be encouraged by Bobby!

In this episode, Bobby mentioned several helpful ebooks that are great resources for disciple making, you can find those here.

You can register for the upcoming National Discipleship Making Forum here.

Quotes from our conversation with Bobby…

“I was counter-discipled”

“Intentional, relational disciple-making is my summary of Jesus’ method.”

“Behind everything New Testament,… God wants us to be disciples of Jesus.”

“What is happening in our culture is the world is ‘out-discipling’ our churches.”