23: Episode 23 – Eric Taylor

In this episode, Mark and Andy are back in the studio with their great friend, Eric Taylor. Eric serves as the pastor of Lee Heights Baptist Church in Florence, Alabama. As you listen to the guys talk with this ministry veteran, you will laugh, be provoked to think, and be encouraged. Here are a few nuggets from our conversation with Eric…


  • One of the things I’ve learned is, you can’t isolate yourself.
  • Sometimes the work you do for God destroys the work of God in you.

    “Sometimes the work you do for God destroys the work of God in you.” –Eric Taylor on the Church Leadership Podcast
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  • They didn’t teach me that in seminary. I went to all of the church planting seminars and all of the conferences; and they didn’t talk any about “what do you do when you lose half of your people.”
  • Things grow in the valleys, much more than the mountaintops.
  • The way that I think that has come to fruition in my life is: I have a Paul, I have a Timothy, and I have a Barnabas.
  • Sometimes, the cutting edge place to do ministry is in the ditches and in the mess. And I find that disciples are made in the mess.

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