26: Episode 49 – Ed Litton on Leading a Church Through Change & Living Through Loss & Grief

This week on the podcast, you will get to listen in on a conversation that Mark and Andy recently had with Ed Litton. Ed Litton has served as the Senior Pastor of Redemption Church in Saraland, Alabama, since 1994. This discussion is full of wisdom and encouragement, as Ed shares about the faithfulness of God in life, ministry, leading change, and especially in enduring suffering. We pray this episode is helpful to all who listen, especially those who’ve endured the loss of a loved one. 


“For every devastating aspect of my life, God’s grace has been greater.”

“Her loss was so devastating to me, that I felt untethered. I didn’t care if I ever preached again… I didn’t want to go on.”

“We tend to want to describe to God what His favor should look like, and frankly, it’s none of our business.”

“Confronting is a core leadership principle that I’ve learned… If you don’t confront a real problem, it’s not going away.”

“So, we just started reevaluating everything. The first thing we reevaluated was our discipleship approach, and it was terrible.”

“I am enjoying being reverse mentored by a younger generation.”

“You cannot experience biblical community with a wall that stands between you and other believers.”

“So, my encouragement is, don’t give up. Don’t quit on Monday, or any other day, from what God has called you to be and what God has called you to do.”