#33: How Do You Sustain a Disciplemaking Launch?

In this episode, Chris and Robby look at how to sustain a discipleship launch.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • How to sustain new initiatives in 2019.
  • Why baptism alone isn’t the goal of the church.
  • Why the early church didn’t baptize people immediately.
  • Why churches can’t cater to the schedule of a busy culture.

Shareable Quotes (#MakingDisciplesPodcast):

  • “The early church often waited 3-4 years to baptize.” – @rgallaty
  • “The greatest turn off to the lost world is people who profess Christ with their lips and live another way. ” – @rgallaty
  • “We live in a culture of solutionism. If we take that model to the church, we lose our faith.” – @rgallaty
  • “As leaders in the church, launching new a year, the key has to be focused on discipeship at a micro level to have a maxiumum impact.” – @chrisswain73

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