81: Episode 81 – Craig Carlisle on Shepherding During Crisis & a Powerful Prayer Ministry

This week, on the Church Leadership Podcast, Mark and Andy get to talk with their friend Craig Carlisle. Craig serves as the Associational Mission Strategist for the Etowah Baptist Association, in the Gadsden area of Northeast Alabama. In this episode, you will be encouraged by Craig’s heart for helping pastors, and you will also be inspired by Craig’s prayer ministry. During these difficult and unpredictable times, pastors need to know that someone cares, they can get help, and most importantly, that someone is praying for them. Whether you are a small church leader wanting to know how you can encourage your pastor, or if you are a large church pastor looking to regularly pray for your people, we hope you are blessed by this conversation!
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Quotes from this week’s conversation:

“They were fearful. Am I gonna lose my church? Am I gonna lose my congregation? Is my giving gonna tank? We’re not going to be able to pay the bills… I was able to encourage them. If you will just continue basically doing what you’re doing in a different format. I said, I believe your people will follow you.”

“My ministry is built on availability.”

“About six years ago, I was in a conversation with another pastor, and we were talking about pastors and the struggles that they have. And the Lord, in that conversation that day just brought to my heart, ‘You need to start praying for your pastors.’”

“They know I care. They know I’m praying for them. And they know I’m praying for them through this pandemic.”

“Church members, if you’ve got your pastor’s cell number, text him, just every now and then. Say, ‘I love you, pastor. I know this is a tough time for you, but I’m praying for you. Or, you’re doing a great job leading us through this. We know that it’s tough.’”

“Our congregations may look different, when we return, but you’re still the pastor. And the best thing you can do is just keep loving your people, and love them well.”