92: Episode 92 – Matt Burford on Apologetics & Evangelism in 2020

Happy Thanksgiving to our CLP listening family! On this week’s episode of the podcast, Mark and Andy are joined by Matt Burford. Matt serves as the Apologetics and Evangelism Specialist with Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions, he is a founding member of Tactical Faith, along with also being an Adjunct Professor at Birmingham Theological Seminary. Our conversation with Matt is focused on his passion for apologetics and evangelism. As you listen, you will find out about the need for Christians to have a biblically informed worldview and why followers of Christ should have an effective way in which they share the gospel in today’s changing culture. Click, listen, review, be encouraged, and share this week’s episode!

In this episode, Matt mentioned a few resources that we would like to list for you.

Contact Matt at mburford@alsbom.org
Stand to Reason – https://www.str.org
Lee Strobel – https://leestrobel.com
“Reasons for God” by Timothy Keller – https://amzn.to/35UOxem
Josh McDowell – https://www.josh.org

Quotes from our conversation with Matt…

“Something happened that day, when I was reading someone who was talking and thinking like that. I don’t know what it was, but it started me on a journey…”

“…There is a way to talk about our faith that is incredibly persuasive, a way to reflect our faith that’s incredibly impactful, and apologetics is just part of that.”

“Twenty years ago, I would get, ‘What are you apologizing for?’ So, I would have to back up, and I would have to define apologetics.”

“Be encouraged that our worldview speaks extensively and comprehensively.”

“It’s ok to say you don’t know it all. In fact, I would think that’s a good starting point.”