99: Episode 99 – Dean Inserra on Addressing Cultural Issues in a Cancel Culture & Keeping the Gospel Central

We have a great episode in store for you this week, as we get the chance to have another conversation with Dean Inserra. We discuss the cultural divide that all of us are dealing with right now, especially in the local church. Dean talks with us about opinions on politics, commitment to the local church, and other issues that can become divisive and distract our churches from our mission. You may remember Dean from Episode 88, as we talked about cultural Christianity. Dean serves as the Lead Pastor of City Church Tallahassee, and he is also the author of  The Unsaved Christian and Without a Doubt: How to Know for Certain That You’re Good with God, and be on the lookout for his new book “Getting Over Yourself,” coming out in May.
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Snippets from our conversation with Dean…

“Maybe we’ve been on cruise control for too long, or we weren’t challenging the real idols of society.”
“So, what are people divided over right now? They’re not divided over the Scriptures, that’s not what people are fighting over in our churches right now. You know, they are not fighting over the mission. They’re not fighting over church planting. They’re fighting over politics… They’re making things ultimate that aren’t.”
“We think that unity has an object, and His name is Jesus.”
“How many people right now, when they think ‘Christianity,’ they think ‘Trump supporter’?”
“We need to be ok with being open-handed where the bible is open-handed, and be able to teach people where the bible is closed-fisted and explain why.”
“It’s never ok to break the First, most important, Commandment in the name of the Second.”
“I want to get in Doc Brown and Mary McFly’s time machine, and I want to go back to the time to whoever was the first person that said, ‘You don’t go to church, we are the Church.,’ and take out their knees.”
“I tweet every Saturday, ‘Sunday morning church is a Saturday night decision.’”